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Dear Boston
Rochelle Boucher Released Jun 07, 2011

Dear Boston,

Your winters are long, your summer are boiling. Your drivers suck. And who gives a fuck about the Red Sox anyway. All it does it have people block in my driveway.

Where are these Irish people you boast about it? I really want to meet one after 21 years of living here.

Why do you let these movies paint you in such a shitty light? Seriously you're gonna let Martin Scorcese and Ben Affleck tell you how you run things?

You know I love you, you know of the cities I've been to I rank you among the best. But come on sometimes I feel so embarrassed for you. Step it up a little. Your theater district may not be Broadway, but it's pretty awesome. You house one of the most colleges and universities in the country. Harvard for crying out loud!

So my plea to you Boston, don't let these chumps show you how it's done. And I promise one of these days I'll make a movie about you that celebrates all your amazing, but hidden talents.

Lovingly yours,


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