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ILLUSTRATORS!  Especially those into comics, graphic novels, etc.  

As you might or might not know, hitRECord will soon be releasing our first anthology called RECollection, Volume 1.  Surrounding the hardbound artifact will be a beautiful die-cut removable fold-out sleeve.  And on the reverse side of that sleeve, we are going to print An Illustrated History of hitRECord.  Now we just need to illustrate it.

I've written a pretty detailed script of sorts.  It divides the story into 8 frames.  I've written a CAPTION for each frame, and a DESCRIPTION of what I'd like the illustration to include.

Now, I'm not looking for somebody to do this whole thing all by themselves.  You can pick one frame and draw that.  Or you can even pick one element or character from one frame, however prominent or marginal, and draw that.  In fact, I think it'd be cool if it were clear that a multitude of artists had their hand in each and every frame.

CURATORS: if you don't draw, and especially if you're quite familiar with hitRECord and our history, we also need your help on this project.  There's a lot of characters and situations described in this story that many illustrators won't know about.  So if you can CREATE ALBUMS of image (or video) RECords that the illustrators can refer to, that'd be awesome.  For example, maybe somebody new here doesn't know Cat_Solen or Nathan, or etc, etc, if you can find good RECords of them, it'll really help.  WRITE IN YOUR ALBUM'S DESCRIPTION what the RECords you put together are in reference to, for example say "In FRAME 7, Kim & Maxx appear, here's a picture of them at Sundance."

Now for the kicker.  We've got a bit less than two weeks to get this done.  We can totally do it if we work together.  Now get to work :o)

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