Are we recording? We are an open, collaborative production company. Come work with us!

CAPTION:  I first started telling myself to "hit RECord" around 2004.  After a while, I decided to take my own advice and show the world some videos and writing and music and, well, RECords that I'd been making.
DESCRIPTION:  Joe curiously pushing a floating big red REC button.  thought bubble: "Am I recording?"

CAPTION:  So on May 7th, 2005, dan helped me set up the first tiny version of HITRECORD.ORG
DESCRIPTION:  dan and Joe look at a foreground computer screen, pleased.  co-dialogue bubble, "dude..."

CAPTION:  In 2007, dan and I set up hitRECord's Forum so folks other than my solo self could post their own RECords -- and to my sweet surprise, people were cool!  Pretty soon, our appropriated message-board was hosting hundreds of humble collaborations
DESCRIPTION:  Joe holding a video camera, dialogue bubble: "Are we RECording?"  Dan with an SLR camera, dialogue bubble: "Excelsior!"  Teafaerie making magic, dialogue bubble: "Thank you for playing."  And a small crowd of people RECording in other various ways.

CAPTION:  We wanted to codify our growing community and formally facilitate hitRECord's collective creative process.  So on January 20th, at Sundance 2009, following SPARKS in the snow, we launched a whole new website that dan and I had created from the ground up.
DESCRIPTION:  In the snow, dan & Joe, arm and arm in foreground, each holding sparklers, co-dialogue bubble: "Victory!"  In background, Jared, Teafaerie, Lula, Cat Solen, my parents, a movie screen that says "SPARKS", and a larger crowd of people RECording in other various ways.

CAPTIONMeanwhile, Jared and I were hatching schemes to realize even the grandest of dreams...
DESCRIPTION:  Joe and Jared, small in frame next to a towering Carnegie Hall.  Jared dialogue bubble: "Re:new Media" -- Joe dialogue bubble: "a new way..." -- Jared dialogue bubble: "The New Deal!"

CAPTION:  After another year of plentiful planning with Jared, detailed design with Marke, and endless negotiations with "the economy" and "the law" -- hitRECord was ready to become a full-fledged professional production company.
DESCRIPTION:  The ground is a map of the United States.  Joe stands on California pointing a video camera east.  Marke sits at a desk on Colorado, working on a computer.  Jared stands on New York, stressed out on the phone.

CAPTIONAt the top of 2010, our tireless troop strode back up the mountain to Sundance where we began much -- and screened a bit -- of the work we now present in this first volume of RECollection.
DESCRIPTION:  In the Sundance REC Room, everyone RECording in various ways, in any order: Cat Solen, Nathan, Seth, Lula, Jeff Peff, Tarin, Jose, dan as Neptune, teafaerie, Tori, Tom Thumb, Alien Jon, Mike "phonontek" Everett, Kim & Maxx, my parents, Robert Redford, Dr. Gory, Marke, Jared and Joe.

CAPTION:  So there you have it, and here we go.  By 11/11/11 the Regularity will be two years old, and we'll already be collaborating on RECollection's second set -- which of course begs the question, are you RECording?  You are?  Well then, this is RegularJOE saying thank you.  And thanks again <
DESCRIPTIONIn foreground, Joe pushing a floating red REC button, thought bubble: "again by heart"  In background, an enormous crowd of people RECording in various ways, many of the same people we saw in previous frames.  High in the heavens, largest in frame, dan smiles down on earth.

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