Are we recording? We are an open, collaborative production company. Come work with us!

CAPTION:  I first started telling myself to "hit RECord" around 2004.  After a while, I decided to take my own advice and show the world some videos and writing and music and, well, RECords that I'd been making.
DESCRIPTION:  Joe curiously pushing a floating big red REC button.  thought bubble: "Am I recording?"

CAPTION:  So on May 7th, 2005, dan helped me set up the first tiny version of HITRECORD.ORG
DESCRIPTION:  dan and Joe look at a foreground computer screen, pleased.  co-dialogue bubble, "dude..."

CAPTION:  In 2007, dan and I set up hitRECord's Forum so folks other than my solo self could post their own RECords -- and to my sweet surprise, people were cool!  Pretty soon, our appropriated message-board was hosting hundreds of humble collaborations
DESCRIPTION:  Joe holding a video camera, dialogue bubble: "Are we RECording?"  Dan with an SLR camera, dialogue bubble: "Excelsior!"  Teafaerie making magic, dialogue bubble: "Thank you for playing."  And a small crowd of people RECording in other various ways.

CAPTION:  We wanted to codify our growing community and formally facilitate hitRECord's collective creative process.  So on January 20th, at Sundance 2009, following SPARKS in the snow, we launched a whole new website that dan and I had created from the ground up.
DESCRIPTION:  In the snow, dan & Joe, arm and arm in foreground, each holding sparklers, co-dialogue bubble: "Victory!"  In background, Jared, Teafaerie, Lula, Cat Solen, my parents, a movie screen that says "SPARKS", and a larger crowd of people RECording in other various ways....

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