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[EDIT: Note that this version is now obsolete, please see the Revised Edition:]

I thought I would serve as a linguisticator and be the first to document Miss Metaphorest's beautilificent, metaphoresical, creatifulous and most whimsilious coinage-speak, which I have taken the liberty of dubbing Metaphoresian.

This is incomplete, based on installment 2 only. Some definitions are uncertain, look for ???. Also please check and let me know in a Remark if you find any errata. Thank you.

accessorical: (adj) accessory to
alonely: (adj) alone
amourate: (v) to make or become amourous, to become attracted to
apparate: (v) appear
arachnomonster: (n) spider
ashadow: (adj) lit, esp. dimly lit
backcushions: (n) behind, gluteus maximus
bashless: (adj) brazen, unashamed, antonym of bashful also -ly brazenly
black: (adj) (culinary) well-done, as meat
bleedy: (adj) (culinary) rare, as meat
blub-hide: (v) conceal a desire to cry, to hide ones tears
boomerang: (v) to return in kind, also to mirror (as a guesture)
brown: (adj) (culinary) medium-well, as meat
bunnybaby: (n) infant bunny or rabbit
butterflated: (adj) smitten, taken with also -tion (n) quality of being butterflated
buttonish: (adj) like or similar to a button
califrag: (n) scalawag
capricitous: (adj) capricious
celebratious: (adj) celebratory
chatless: (adj) silent, wordless also -ly (adv)
cherried: (adj) reddened, esp. to a cherry red shade (as with lipstick)
chest-coverer: (n) shirt
citrusly: (adv) sourly
desirate: (v) desire, want also -ed (adj) one who is desired or desirable
disapparate: (v) disappear
doubleglass: (n) mirror
duet: (v) to complement, to be paired with
eatlist: (n) menu (specifically of food items, as at a restaurant)
eatplate: (n) dinner plate, food plate
eatready: (adj) ready to eat, prepared, cooked
eatroom: (n) dining room
emotate: (v) to be moved, to feel, to empathize also -ed (n) moved
encoupling: (n) coupling
enplussed: (adj) enhanced
enquest: (v) to question, to ask
evercute: (adj) forever cute
facehole: (n) mouth
falsituous: (adj) false, pretending
fastly: (adj) quickly
fauxface: (n) makeup, cosmetics
femalian: (n) female, woman
flamey: (adj) lit, burning
fleshless: (adj) without meat, vegetarian
flirtate: (v) flirt, act in a flirtatious manner
floricious: (adj) beautiful, lovely, as a flower
fluffpet: (n) a fluffy or furry animal, especially one suitable as a pet
foliage: (n) vegetable, esp. leafy greens, salad
foodbag: (n) stomach
foodbringer: (n) waitperson, food server
foodpenguin: (n) foodbringer in a tuxedo
foodpile: (n) a pile of food
fourwalls: (n) house
frontcushion: (n) breast, mammary gland (esp. human breast)
fullheart: (adv) wholeheartedly, with all one's heart, completely
geishily: (adv) coquettishly, as in the manner of a geisha
glowed: (v) lit dimly, made to glow
grape liquid: (n) wine
habberdashed: (adj) tittillated, bowled over
hardclear: (n) window
headfront: (face)
herbivorous: (adj) vegetarian also -osity (n) quality of being herbivorous
horizontalize: (v) to lie down, to sleep
horizontalize: (v) to straighten or make level
hornified: (adj) sexually aroused, horny
humanian: (n) human
juice of old red grapes: (n) wine
lavicious: (adj) lascivious also -ly (adv) in a lascivious manner
liplift: (v): to smile
liplocked: (adj) in the act of kissing
liquid: (n) a drink or beverage (see wet)
longroom: (n) hallway
lothariate: (v) to romance or pitch woo
lovesplode: (v) to almost explode with romantic feeling
manicular: (adj) miniature, small, tiny
money: (v) to pay
moon-up: (n) night (anyonym of sun-up or sunrise)
narcissis: (v) to look at oneself, particularly in a vain manner
neckbow: (n) bowtie
no-walls (the): (n) the outdoors
olfactory organ: (n) nose
paidslave: (n) employee, esp. one who is underpaid
passion-paired: (adj) united by passion, in love or lust
pendulemical: (adj) like a pendulum also -ly (adv) in the manner of a pendulum
penguin-dressed: (adj) wearing a tuxedo
personette: (n) woman, girl, or in general a female person
personholder: (n) chair
personpaws: (n) hands
personpaw: (v) to hand or give
pinkify: (v) blush, flush, redden (as one's face), generally with embarassment
plateforest: (n) a plate of vegetables, esp. a salad
polypainted: (adj) painted in multiple colors, colorful
postceed: (v) proceed
pre-night: (n) evening
pre-puke: (n, v) vomit inside one's mouth
primularly: (adv) primarily
procreational: (adj) of or relating to sex
procreational: (adj) sexually desirable (as for procreation)
procreator: (n) one who has sexual intercourse
re-stand: (v) to stand again (after sitting)
sacrificious: (adj) sacrificial, self-sacrificing
saltliquid: (n) tear
saxifragous: (adj) sexy
seeable: (adj) standing out, easily visible
see-globe: (n) eye
see-globe cover: (n) eyelid
see-globe-scan: (v) look at, look over, or visually scan
see-globe hairs: (n) eyelashes
see-treat: (n) attractive person, (colloquially) a feast for the eyes
shook: (adj) shaken, also as in upset
skog: (n) unpleasant sort/ cranky person
sleep-platform: (n) bed
smise: (n, v) smile
snorgle-flit: (n) laugh, fit of giggling
soaped: (adj) freshly cleaned, showered
soonly: (adv) shortly, soon after
sour-yellow: (n) lemon
speedily: (adv) quickly, hastily
speedily shut a solo see-globe: (v) wink
spitswallow: (v) to swallow ones spit, to gulp as in embarassment
sub-serviette: (v) to cover with a table napkin
sub-table: (prep) under or below the table
subvide: (v) sub-divide, split
suited: (adj) wearing a suit, or generally fine clothes
swavered: (v) swayed, sashayed
tardily: (adj) lately, or in a manner of being tardy
timeteller: (n) clock
tock: (v) tick (alternate form)
toetangle: (v) touch toes or feet, to play footsie
tonguetangle: (v) french kiss, tongue kiss
topbulb-deep: (adj) deep in thought
topbulb: (n) head
top-chompers: (n) upper teeth
top-flap: (n) collar (as of a shirt)
twin: (v) copy, duplicate, or resemble
twittery: (adj) atwitter, agitated
ultimated: (adj) final, ultimate
unhide: (v) uncover, reveal
unlive: (v) to be dead, to no longer live, to exist as a corpse
unquest: (v) request
unstand: (v) to sit
upright: (v) to stand up
vicinitate: (v) to move to the vicinity of, to approach
wallhole: (n) door
waxstick: (n) candle
wet: (n) a drink, a beverage (see liquid)
wordgap: (n) a gap in conversation, a wordless interval
yeuch: (v) gag