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RE-RECS 22rd May
chigwinkle Released May 26, 2011

What up homies, I did catch this re-recs sesh on video. But then my editing programme cussed up so I gave up.


TACO by Hati: This hilarious illustration stemmed from a twitter conversation (of sorts) between Robo J and Marke. I chipped in and said that the phrase 'Man wants Taco. Man makes Taco, Period.' would be awesome on a tshirt. Thus this illustration was born. Fuckin' Smart.

Words We're Wailing Full Mix by Krrr: Cool rendition of this simply fabulous song. Well mixed and great sounding.

At the Movies Introduction bye RegularJoe: I was so chuffed to hear my harmonies intro bit was used in this. I loved the style, the vibe and mood it created for the event. Awesome.

Shuffley Tune REmix by Gweninterupted: This was a piece I had almost forgotten about, but Gwen added some sweet little ooo's to it which sound lovely. Nice one! :D

A Short Sketch Script about Soup by Day Glo: I really love DayGlo's writting, and this is one of his funnier ones. I can actually imagine my friends and I having this exact conversation, infact I think we may have before xD Anyway, I said in the comments to this that I would try and get some people together to do a reading, and i will! A really clever little comedy piece, nice.

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