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When I was done writing these words, (finished it on my birthday) it seemed to me like a sort of tavern sing-along.  So here's the bottom layer.  Now I'd love to hear what y'all add to it.

Sing along with the chorus!  Or sing along with any part of it you see fit.  Play along on another guitar.  Acoustic, electric, the chords are just the same old ones: G C D and Em.  It definitely needs bass for at least part of it.  Perhaps a drum set, although I think even more fitting would be less formal percussion.  Clink bottles together, stamp your feet, knock on wood, etc.  And who knows what else?  Piano, fiddle, Moogs, shit, the more the merrier.

When you upload your new layer, make sure you release it as an isolated stem (in other words, by itself without any other records mixed in), so we can remix it together with all the others.  Here I've released a full version as an MP3 file for listening, and also uploaded a ZIP file with stems.  So, if you want us to listen to your addition in combination with all the others, you can upload that version, just make sure to also upload the isolated stem(s), either as audio files or a ZIP file.

Also, when I first wrote this and released the lyrics, and then a GarageBand recording of it, I was happy to see that quite a few hitRECorders recorded various versions of their own.  LizzieMackie and Metaphorest made a beautiful one, as did TongueCutSparrow and others too.  So here I hope to start a definitive bottom layer for the purposes of mass sing-along, but that doesn't mean those other excellent versions will be forgotten :o)

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