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the breakup (Q.E.D.)
fractaldust Released May 14, 2011

my most ambitious REmix to date, to illustrate the breakup scene from A Mathematician's Approach to Love ( if the link doesn't work)... my goal was to make a realistic 3D composite image using 30+ image REsources. did i succeed?

for background info, please check out the story! (link above and in resources)

some of the stock photos i used were self-taken; if you can't find them in the REsources and would like me to upload them for further REmixes (i.e. the desk, the light, the math books), please let me know.

many thanks to all of the incredible artists/photographers whose work i used!

& if you are curious about the process, or where certain REsources appear in the image (it's hard to find some of them), feel free to ask away! : D

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