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The Minister's Daughter
Babbish Released May 13, 2011


The minister's daughter drinks holy water,

to keep the devil from her soul.

The minister's daughter hears of 

jailhouse slaughters and sings gospel

to rock n roll, now.

An eye for an eye and a tooth

for the truth, she's my next

door neighbor. 

God is gonna save her from her

self indulgent behavior, but

you know he does no favors, now.

The first will be first and the last will

be last,

I'm good friends with her cuz I don't

wanna be cursed. 

The word of christ is not to say in vein,

but she's a straight shooter in a winding lane.

Please little miss won't you keep him away 

from the bees, cuz up in trees is where birds

and worms get along, now.

I was in love with a down mister singing

holy scriptures he was ticking like an atom bomb, now.

Now don't it feel to be, Now don't it feel to be,

Now don't it feel so good to be so wrong.


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