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mother roar
InkedCanvas Released May 05, 2011

what if earth spun in the opposite direction

or if stars didn't twinkle for lack of affection

what if the sun shone at night

or if the moon hid from sight

what if the ocean's waves solidified

and all marine life, simply died.

what if mountains and hills and slopes

melted away, for lost of hope

what if birds lost their wings

or we lost all reason to sing

what if bats didn't exist

would we know what we've missed

what if dirt fell instead of rain

or if we didn't know joy and pain

what if each breath killed your soul

in exchange for extra dough

would we continue the path we're on

with no regret for what we've done

what if earth gave us warnings

she roared, and cried and now she's mourning

would we change if the end were near

never mind, it's already here.

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