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[Flick the Picture Gloam, bringing her newly learned information to the rest of the Gloam. As she makes this speech, the Gloam in the crowd would laugh and disperse throughout the speech]

To those of us

Who have been kept down

Who have been told we are less

because we cannot see the Sun

Those of us whom the Longrays laughed at

the Noondays needled

and the Midlights mocked


The truth has been held from you!

We are born of the Sun!

We, the Gloam,

the ones who have been told we are the lowest of the low

the bottom of the barrel

Yes, WE are creatures of Sunlight!

I have learned, through my extensive education

brought forth by fantastic films -

The glorious light from the serene moon

in which we bask each night

is truly the light of the Sun!

The marvelous moon mirrors the light to us

The Sun's light touches...

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