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A collective of nouns

A flight of stairs

A host of angels

A sloth of bears


A pride of lions

A crew of sailors

A nest of rumours

A disguise of tailors


A prickle of hedgehogs

An infestation of lice

A shuffle of bureacrats

A mischief of mice


A murder of crows

An exaltation of larks

A glint of goldfish

A shiver of sharks


A shrewdness of apes

A clutter of cats

A wake of vultures

A cloud of bats


A rhumba of rattlesnakes

A battery of guns

A conflagration of arsonists

A superfluity of nuns


A squabble of seagulls

A pair of socks

A diligence of messengers

A pride of peacocks


A belt of asteroids

A library of books

A carillon of bells

A hastiness of cooks


A sneer of butlers

A fleet of cars

A shrivel of critics

A galaxy of stars


An anthology of poems

A charm of hummingbirds

An audience of listeners

A flock of words

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