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Hello, this is my contribution for a new hevn (Joe draft.) I've been listening to wirrow's creation ideas audio and included light and shapes of eyes through the trees. One half of the tree is inverted to colour match teeaaapee's Rainbow background on the left. I was trying to make it look like the sun through the trees at the top and bottom of the design are the eyes of the poem. The effects used are watercolour, earth and posterize. The font is Orange LET (a recording without text is saved.) I had a lot of fun making this. Thanks for looking.

a new hevn (Joe draft) by regularJOE, wirrow and Metaphorest.
colours grew out of the ground
and spread into the sky
a watercolour world with rainbow
fifty stories high

Rainbow by teeaaapee
star tree by wirrow
April Sunset by canvas

April 2011

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