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As I said after the first time reading it, I absolutely love this rhyming creation myth by wirrow and Metaphorest.  Here I've revised it, but my aim was never to alter the story, only to further clarify it.

a new hevn

somewhere... live two stories
one of hevn, one of urth,
who awake to find they’re hugging
with no knowledge of their birth.

this embrace invokes a balance
the two stories have come one.
no more fear and no desire
nothing done to be undone. 

but suddenly there is an urge
that shakes their tranquil state.
hungering to understand
and thirsting to create,

hevn, out of nowhere
tells a story of its own
and urth, beguiled by newness
acts this story out alone.

so with a song and dance 
a tiny story came to be
a star that lit their eyes up
and enabled them to see.

with this new light both hope and fear 
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