Added words and singings to mikeregannoise's wonderful track - Telephone. Hope ya like, Mike! :)

  • Dsc_0299
    Wow, this is beauuuutiful! I hadn't heard it until I listened to Unusual Suspect's call-in request for it.

    Mike Regan's music is so rich and alive. I like a bunch of his songs, and those few instrumentals are all gems waiting to be turned into songs. And no surprise, Miss Meta, the song you wrote to go along with it fits perfect.

    I love the harmonies. And I love the self-implicating story. There's nothing more honest than a hypocrite.

  • Spaceship-1461125
    Aww cheers, Joe - this is one of my fave singalongs I have to say - was a pleasure to compose to mike regan's work. Will definitely be doing some more! Oh and Matt Conley did a really great video for this btw -
  • Al-icon
    awwwwwww this is so lovely meta! :))
  • Spaceship-1461125
    Thanks, Alyssa - you're lovely!! <3
  • Sequence_1_12-poster
    Just heard this. Jesus Christ.
  • Spaceship-1461125
    Ha. Thanks Sherbz :P
  • Fashiongirl
    this is beautiful. <3 Sia did a nice job with it, too.
  • Eli%3f?
    that was awesome!
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