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your lyrics found me in a very low-fidelity mood :) i imagine this song being played by a very sweaty band in some hole-in-the-wall bar packed wall to wall with happy drunks.

(which, i'm guessing, wasn't your original vision when you wrote those words down. whoops!)

lyrics (copied from )

you just close your eyes and sleep

like the avereage human being

you used to be a dreamer

a cloudwalker

you used to be a prayer

a late night microwaver

funny dreams

from mix of Melatonin and caffeine

coffee with old marshmellows and

pecan praline icecream

you used to be okay

with recycled wind

and my mental decay

talking inbetween the lines

reading all your old newspapers from 1999

but you're no dreamer to me

and i'm no dreamer to you

just dreaming about driving and crashing cars

when you used to dream about me, too

you're not the dreamer i thought i knew..

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