AnDSalvo_18 Released Mar 28, 2011

More powerful than God

Nothing can escape you

How well you carry the façade

Before the breakthrough


You’re the everlasting gobstopper

On a one way street

You use your power to attack her

Then sweep her off her feet


What she doesn’t know, is your point of no return

She thinks she’ll go with you while her life appears adjourned

But no, not today, today her life is terminated

As well as everything around you; once was, now faded


They say once you go black, you never come back

That phrase is as true as the last heart attack


Everything is matter

But it doesn’t matter to you

You swallow the whole platter

With your giant silver spoon

The platter of existence

Has become your favorite prey

No room left for forgiveness

That’s all you’ll let me say