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Who is X-ray girl?
rayperez Released Mar 28, 2011

X-ray girl is a 30 year old mother of 2 boys. She used to feel good about herself, but lately she has been depressed about her weight. After having two sons she could never get back to her original weight, and though she has tried all kinds of diet and excercise, nothing seems to help her to feel happy.  She loses weight, but rapidly gains it back again, and returns to her dark depressed state.  She was convinced that she was sick, so she always wanted to go to the doctor to get check ups, especially x-rays.... they made her feel like her old self again when she would see the shape of her bones.  She knew that below the surface, it was her.... Her two sons wished they could bring back her smile. They want to make her proud so she can be happy again, so by night, they become "dark angel" and "blue lightning" ....child superheroes, on a mission to make their mother proud.

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