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seldelaterre Released Mar 27, 2011

I’m watching all of the things you do like: tapping out your ashes, thumbing through a yellow book and drinking out of glasses,
Swilling down coffees that I don’t like and making them good with sugar and ice and
Walking down the city street (if I remember); walking on our legs and feet (if I remember);
You can be June but I’m gone in December, coming of age of the sixth of November… 

And we are in love, (as if love is a room that we’re in)
And we’re living in New York but all my dreams take place in London and I fear I would die if you talked to me again
With your breath of cinnamon.

I’m feeling your bones on my bones and our bones are all clicking together like calcified clamps.
And I style myself like a star but you augment my light with your sodium lamps.
Sitting in chairs and drinking our tea and looking at you (who is looking at me)- you can pray for my bones and absolve all my sins but I swear by the hole that you’ve buried me in that you don't know my mind, can't imagine my aims and as sure as I always get frightened on planes- 

And you know love's just this room that we bought for the year.
Cause my dreams are in England, my lungs are a wreck and you don’t even want a career.
Still I fear I would die if you talked to me again
With your breath of cinnamon.

And yes, there are things I’ll find hard to dismiss
Like the scrape of your nose against mine when we kiss
And the way I accepted your breath in my lungs
And the taste of your tongue that I taste on my tongue
And the wind blew your roses right out of my purse when the weather was awful; (in London it’s worse.)
And my mother was right when she said you were wrong
But my logical mind isn’t writing this song-

So it’s like love is the ocean that’s more or less blue.
When I’m jet-lagged and cranky and sleeping alone
I may still be there dreaming of you
So I fear I would die
If you walked with me again
With your breath of cinnamon.

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