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1. "Sixteen12 (And Relax)" (tomsfrenchspectacula) - Close your eyes, release your breath, and make sure you're not distracted. tomsfrenchspectacula's is simply mesmerizing. While one could argue it already is quite polished, with a sound and style like the one found in this RECord there is always room to add more effects, instruments, and layers. If the collective seems to find this already quite finished, well I'd just recommend listening to it in its entirety and hopefully you'll draw some creative inspiration from its dreamlike audio landscape.

2. "Anatomy of a RECord - MMM -V1" (filmpunk) - filmpunk put together a pretty comprehensive summary of how "Morgan M. Morgansen's Date With Destiny" came to be. This is something I'd consider essential viewing because it illustrates how a collaboration comes together, singling out the stages along the way (the original text, the narration, the art, the acting, the post-production effects, etc.) But this mini-documentary is stylish in its telling and also shows how to utilize existing REsources on the site (i.e. footage from the Sundance screening serves as "narration," if you will.) There are also some vital stats discussed in this RECord, namely the fact that "MMM" took over two months to complete. Things take time, curation, and direction... lots of direction. For anyone thinking of beginning a collaboration, or for those in the midst of running collaborations, I'd suggest giving this a look and taking some notes on how a hitRECord collaboration can come together. And of course the scale doesn't always have to be as grand as "MMM." But the process of each collaboration tends to be similar and requires many of the same steps and directorial vision involved in making "MMM." Collaborations also rely heavily on transparancy of each step, and there are plenty of RECords on the site that demonstrate, and support, the importance of keeping the community in the loop and aware of where certain parts of a project stand, and what is needed. And if you're not currently directing a collaboration, maybe REmixing filmpunk's video is in the cards for you. After all, there's a lot of additional videos since filmpunk made this which involve discussions of how "MMM" came to be. So this video is far from finished.

3. "Scrimp N' Save Raw Footage" (Babbish) - A giant leap for all of the exceptional music on hitRECord would be to have raw lip synching footage like this upload by Babbish. This would bring a whole new dimension to music videos on the site, for as it stands now music videos tend to be songs cut to visual cutaways that are seldom the musicians. Lava Tornado has also uploaded some raw footage of his guitar playing of "Scrimp N' Save," so the pieces are coming together to construct a more "official" music video of their collaborative song. What the "S N' S" collaboration could really use at this point is someone to direct a collaboration. The director could help art direct the raw footage with notes and storyboards, as well as curate cutaway footage from the site (crispyfuller's "Stock Footage" collaboration would be a good REsource for this portion of the collab.) Projects tend to fall by th wayside unless there is frequent activity, updates, and contributions to a collaboration, so now would be an ideal time for an "official" collaboration to get underway.

4. "Refinish my desk?" (Daventhal) - Part short story, part poem, part... musical journal entry? I found this to be quite a profound way to examine an object and its relationship to time, people, and the emotional connection physical things occassionally have with us. This could be a very useful audio RECord for a short film that visually expresses what the desk brings out of the protagonist, both internally and externally. Flashbacks of lost memories could be constructed for b-roll footage while cinematography of a worn desk from many angles would be clutch for the film's primary visual focus. Or maybe the narrator is sort of omniscient and the short film cuts to all kinds of characters, and their individual desks. There's many routes a REmix could go with this very interesting piece of spoken word and musical combination.

5. "mulled whine" (sexymoustache) - There is a lot of passion in sexymoustache's "mulled whine." When I first heard it I felt like I was in a small book store, or a coffee shop at around 8:00 PM, during open mic. This RECording was quite an attention-grabbing rendition. She touches on a lot of issues that artists face when they release their work, and does so in a very thought-provoking way. This reading leaves lots to ponder and I think its message serves as a mirror for an artist to examine their intentions with what they create, and what others create around them.

6. "Magdalena's Re-RECommendations Album" (Magdalena) - Magdalena's RE-RECommendation compilation album is a great example of how to keep all of your RE-RECs organized and easily accessible both to you and the community. What she did was create a new album, titled it "RE-RECommendations Album," and then added each of her individual RE-REC albums to it. That way the albums are all in one place. She's taken it a step further and added the album to her "Featured RECords" album on her user page. By doing this it's easy for browsers to find the album when combing through the work she's chosen to feature on her page. The one thing I would suggest is contributing the compilation album to RegularJOE's RE-REC collab here: (with 177 contributions and counting this has always been "the home base," if you will, of RE-RECs so I think putting compilation albums here and weekly RE-RECs in the weekly RE-REC collaborations would work best.)

7. "Time Machine Song Minimal" (chigwinkle) - Here is a musical RECord that served as the foundation to a series of REmixes that have really taken off. It was catchy when chigwinkle kicked it off, but now it's blossomed into an all-out collaborative production wthout losing the catchiness found in the original base layer. Some of the REmixes have maybe added too much in the way of lyrics or instruments, so the one I'd personally recommend working on would be Metaphorest's "Time Machine - Metamix" found here: I think this would make for a wonderful video, one packed with lots of colors. It's just got that pop music feel to it without all the clutter, so if the visuals were bright and vibrant then I think it would be very appealing to audiences looking to kick back and enjoy a fun harmony accompanied by eye candy. Maybe the best way to do a video would be setting up split screens. Some squares would have the vocalists singing, others would have musicians playing instruments, and the remaining squares could be filled with maybe just blocks of rotating colors. All in all it would be very 1950's, and quite retro.

8. "Touch" (AeB) - First off I think AeB should add this to the second page of wirrow's "Tiny Story" collaboration. It's so simple and yet so elegant, exemplifying the formula that makes so many of the Tiny Stories endearing to a wide audience of people. I think the wording is great as is, but this is in dire need of art to go with it. An illustration would be a great place to begin and if anyone is up for it, then maybe an animation could be worked on (complete with a voice over, some music, and all the usual trimmings.)

 9. "Rhythmic Pulse" (Jooshua) - Jooshua has provided a guitar loop that's in need of additional musical elements. My immediate thought for an arrangement would be to begin with the loop and slowly bring in ambient synthetic sound (perhaps layered with ambient sound effects from nature.) As the guitar loop continues and the ambient layers rise, then maybe a new instrument can work its way into the mix, playing a variation of the original loop. This could continue to build and evolve into more of an orchestral piece if enough collaborators contributed stems. I could see it forming into a very calming RECord, one in which all of the instruments play off one another in a very organized and harmonious fashion.

10. "I just don't get it" (maxline) - I grinned when I heard this. It could be a cool sample for a song or maybe it'll make you grin like I did. Either way I always think it's important to encourage members of the community to upload things like this and for people to think for a second if there is any way to use it. Speaking for myself, this is the type of file I heart and download right away. I store it in a folder on my hard drive and I do my best to keep it in the back of my mind in case the day arrises I think of a way I, or someone else, could effectively use it. For now I can only think of it being sampled in a techno kind of song. Maybe someone else has an idea?