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Crochet pattern - Noonday
Cam_4 Released Mar 19, 2011

Crochet pattern for noonday ( Noonday is also the middle one of the 3 shadow on the left in Crocheted Shadows In Love.

(I hope this makes sense)



R: Row


turn: turn your work so you can work across the back of the row you just made



Ch: chain

Sc: single crochet

sl st: slip stitch

dec1: single crochet decrease  (crochet 2sc together)

2sc in next sc (increase)                     



Crochet in the round

R1:                      ch2, 6sc in second ch from hook (6)

R2:                      2sc in each sc around (12)

R3:                      * sc1, 2sc in next sc*, rep 6 times (18)

R4:                      * sc2, 2sc in next sc*, rep 6 times (24)

R5:                      * sc3, 2sc in next sc*, rep 6 times (30)

R6:                      sc30 (30)

R7:                      * sc4, 2sc in next sc*, rep 6 times (36)

R8-10:                  sc36 (36)

R11:                     * sc4, dec1*, rep 6 times (30)

R12:                     sc30 (30)

R13:                     * sc3, dec1*, rep 6 times (24)

R14:                     sc24 (24)

R15:                     * sc2, dec1*, rep 6 times (18)


1st foot:                     

R16:                     sc4, ch3,

R17                      sc4 in first sc of row 16, dec1

Fasten off and weave in end


2nd foot:

Start in 10th sc of row 15 (leaving 5sc between the feet)

R16:                      sc4, ch3,

R17                      sc4 in first sc in 2nd leg, dec1,

 sl st down the inside of the foot to the space between the feet.




Bottom (between feet):                      

R16:                      sc5, ch1, turn

R17:                      sc5, ch1, turn

Sl st to opposite side of the body

Sew bottom piece to inside of feet.


Cut out eyes and glue to body

And that's it!!!

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