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My second stab at the Banksy cameraman vs rat image.


CAMERAMAN: I want you to hold the stalk of this flower, Ok?

RAT: yeppedy.

CAMERAMAN: And I am going to film you talking about what you can see with your ultra hip stereoscopic ColourCode 3D glasses. Yes?

RAT: Yeppedy.

CAMERAMAN: Ok. Take one. Action!

RAT: Hello and hi. I am speaking on behalf of the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association. I am wearing the cutting edge in rattus technology, a pair of stereoscopic ColourCode 3D glasses.

CAMERAMAN: And do you see anything different about the flower you have in your claw?

RAT: It is samey. It has two tints.

CAMERAMAN: Is that it?

RAT: Yeppedy. A blue tint and a red tint.

CAMERAMAN: Oh. So basically, the same as if you weren’t wearing them?

RAT: Yeppedy.