clouds again
wirrow Released Mar 03, 2011

got rid of dot org.. just 'hit record' and looks more like its coming out of the ϟlightningϟ

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  • Robo_j-1872080
    girl-clouds are quite an inspiration to us boy-clouds ^_^
    Mar 03, 2011
    by Robo_J
  • Hitrecord
    i love how utterly impressed she is by his thunderous lightning-fart. <33
    Mar 03, 2011
  • Dsc_0072a
    I did not see the hidden meaning "behind" this cloud...but now that it's properly explained (in detail...thanks) I'd definitely buy this T-shirt! :)
    Mar 03, 2011
  • Only_amy-1390428
    Hee hee. I love the idea that by shooting out the lightning, the cloud is hitting record:) That could work itself into a whole little series of things... like how does a flower hit record? like a dandelion blowing its seeds? is that its RECord?
    Mar 03, 2011
  • Fredwatford-1411949
    sHitRECord. Now with electricity!
    Mar 03, 2011
  • Dsc_0299
    YES! This is really great. Not only is it squinky cute, I'd actually call this a very accurate portrayal of hitting RECord.

    btw, yes lilac_amy, in my opinion, a dandelion blowing its seeds would also count as hitting RECord :)
    Mar 05, 2011
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