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Lonely as stars may become, restless in dark skies above,
They never tire, rust or expire, leaving their wishes fulfilled.
This I could be unto you, laughing all the way through,
Falling and rising, though never disguising the constant rush of the thrill.
(ooh) Roll, roll with the tide.

As though I was just a grain of sand, washed back and forth on the sand,
With you as the sea, watching over me, I've nothing to lose or to fear.
And sometimes the roles are reversed, in that which we cannot rehearse,
This play we call life, the joy and the strife, perform with a smile and a tear.
(ooh) Roll, roll with the tide.

A fire still burns the by and by, a flame I could never deny,
Honest and just, a symphonic lust, pulling me ever to you.
So let's ride this wave to the end, guiding the break and the bend,
The tide will roll on, present and calm, sharing this love born anew.
(ooh) Roll, roll with the tide.



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  • 1277340_10100616524986393_239402657_o
    How did I not see this until now?! Achingly gorgeous. DOWNLOADED.

  • Leeandmommy
    What in the greatness?! This is truly enjoyable and I don't know how it slipped passed me.
    by Babbish
  • 1403984668312
    thank you babbs! :D sometimes stuff gets buried. i'm glad you found it and like it :)
    by Robo_J
  • Lizsmallsrerecs
    Lovely, RJ! <3
  • Fractaldust-phone
    rj, this is stunning. this was lovely to listen to, thank you <3
  • Monocle
    so very garfunkel and simon. ;)
    by alpal
  • Interntnl_lyn-1385968
    You are a talented musician, RJ. Beautiful song on so many levels. <3
  • Img_6063b
    So lovely <3
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