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Part 1 of The Circus Myth can be read at:  This is a revised version of the second part of the myth, and I'm personally much more satisfied with this version than I was with the original version.  Somehow mushr made sense enough out of that version and wrote The Trapeze Artist, and that was a revelation.  That RECord plus her tiny story circus trilogy plus her Genesis of I plus my reluctance to start tackling Part 4 just yet served as the inspiration of this rewrite.  I'll thank everyone to forget that the original Part 2 ever existed.

Part 2: The First Ring     

The Ringmaster found himself swimming and soaring inside his own head, afloat and adrift in the ideas that were coming to life in his mind.  He was startled into an awareness that he was not alone, but he was reluctant to leave the cocoon of his thoughts.  Eventually his awareness grew irresistible, and he began remembering his own form, and then suddenly he plummeted back into his body.  He opened his eyes and saw his brother dancing about, and he remembered what he wanted to tell him. 

“I have an idea... I’m imagining people who can fly,” said the Ringmaster. 

The Ringmaster’s brother nodded and said, “I can’t remember the last time I met anyone this side of the angels who was even willing to fly.  We could equip anyone to fly if they were willing.” 

The Ringmaster pointed to the first ring and asked, “Could we do it over there?” 

The Ringmaster’s Brother grinned and said, “I’ll go get the rope.” 

The Ringmaster started out by demonstrating to his brother all of the maneuvers he...
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