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re-RECs 2.21.11
ElspethKoktavi Released Feb 20, 2011

 This was a mighty week for new and RE-discovered RECords! Judging by other people's re-RECs, I missed quite a few that were spectacular. Now I get why it's a good reason for folks to make a few re-RECs each week!

1. "Light," "Staying Up Late" and "Sleep in Blue" by superkuma. I can't help it, I loved them all that much:

a. "Light" struck me a million ways when I saw it-- someone holding the spark of hope, friendship, stories, life, etc.

 b. "Staying Up Late" is an adorable little sketch w/watercolor that I could see being the cover art/illustration for a Tiny Story or such.

c. "Sleep in Blue" is a voice RECord that wrenched me pretty hard. superkuma simply may have been unable to sleep, but some parts of the RECord reminded me of words someone who is dying might say.

2. "His Name is Death (song)," by tiafischer. Because "sounding like a cartoon character" can be a very good thing. todd68976 has already started having some serious fun with it; I'd like to see/hear more.

3. I'm totally cheating! I didn't find ruffedges's "Then the Clowns" story until quite recently,  though it was written in late January '11. It's a compliment for 2 visual RECords by layla & phenomenaaa, but stands quite proudly on its own. My brain visualized it being played to Madrond101's "Unattached (piano)". Nicely done!

4. "Project 26: American Scrimp N Save" by Babbish, who lent her up-front vocal style & lyrics to lava_tornado's "Project 26" audio RECord. I admire how she took the music, utterly claimed it, then gave it back as a... a sweetly in-your-face mix of mischief & mayhem. I can see a B&W film short for this in my head...   

5. "REmix Theatre Presents..." by Melanne. Animation for an opening sequence= this was a labor of love, and it shows.

6. "Words We're Wailing (NOLA)," by RegularJOE. More than a sing-a-long for sons & daughters of the barley, I perceived this to be a tale of love & staggering loss. Some stellar RECords were produced in response to it, and I'd love to see/hear more. A film short, some sketches, more voices--just-- more.  

7. "Head West" by Chase_Horseman. It's a good thing I was deliriously happy on Valentine's Day, as otherwise I probably would have cried my eyes out while listening to this RECord. Brings up memories of being a dusty, long-suffering traveler while on many of my road trips.

8. "Ça enregistre?" by Sybilline. Bygone-era-based imagery with hitRECord logo= schnazzy . 

So, that's not all, but that's it for me.

Also, a huge "Thank You" goes out to all of the hitRECorders who made RECords for Joe's birthday. To thesherbethead & MattConley respectively, for creating "Happy Birthday Joe" and "Happy Birthday (BOS>LA): I suspect that my stomach still hurts from laughing so hard. You guys are awesome.