I am my avatar
I am my tweet
I am a parody
I’m incomplete
I am hyperbole
I am fictitious
I’m so homogenised
I’m not nutritious
I am a product
I am 2D
I am not who
You think you see
She is concocted
She is a lie  
She doesn’t sink
She’s eternally high
She is my saccharine
Socialite twin
My doppelganger
Who lives in my skin
A film on the surface
My preened public face
She feeds the machine
While I shovel the waste
But I am the flesh
And the blood and the spit
And the tears and the bones
And the gravel and grit
And the holy unknowable
Beautiful, flawed
Unadorned seed of truth
I am rough-hewn and raw
But real -
And that’s why
I pity my twin
My perfected pawn, my second skin
Despite her superior, airbrushed bliss
My flawless friend
Does not exist

  • Jerzdresspaint
    Sarah, thank you so much for the kind words and for featuring the song! There are all sorts of lovely and fun remixes blooming now as a result. And thanks as well for all of your inspiring writing - I've found so much to sing to among your text records. :o)
  • Snapshot_20111202_7
    My perfected pawn, my second skin. Such a great line. ♥
  • Amyhr
    Love this one, Sarah!
    by amysz
  • Todd_3rd_grae
    u rite gud!

    maybe contribute to The Social Network (what defines our generation?) by dburgin87 ?
  • Spaceship-1461125
    Thanks Amy and theanks for the suggestion Todd - will do! Thank you hearters!! Was a bit nervous posting this one :)
  • Photo
    Love it! We must be sharing the same mind today, because I posted a prose piece on tumblr about this not too long before you posted this poem. This is far more interesting and cuts to the depth of the issue. <3
  • Spaceship-1461125
    MetaF I actually wrote this yesterday and was debating whether or not to post it but when I saw your post on tumblr I just had to cos it made me go oooh at how similar our mindsets were :)
  • Red_lips_cropped
    thank you for this :)
    by mnghali
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