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I really liked Attilee's idea of a Midlight trying to see the sun and it made me think of a possible plot for the story. Ombra begins to express his idea for seeing the sun but due to the caste system other midlights and the rest of the shadows [[except the gloam due to thir absence from shadow affairs]] begin to treat Ombra as an outsider. Cast out Ombra meets a Gloam and the two form an unlikely friendship. Along the way perhaps a noonday and a longray also team up with the duo [[perhaps reluctantly or not at all depending on your own personal ideas]] And in their quest to help Ombra be closer to the sun they find they all arent so different from each other. Now I thought it could go either two ways - either A) the four friends come back to the shadow castle and slowly change the caste system, sorta like a happily ever after ending or B) the four are all forbidden to come back after breaking the rules and they leave shadow castle to roam and adventure together as they pleased. Anyway, its just a thought but I really love the shadow idea thanks Soupy and Attilee!!


At the moment I am writing 3 little snippets that I will later add to this but I wanted to put the idea out first.

Right now Im developing Noir, a Longray who is sick of the upper-caste system. She longs to help the Gloam after seeing one being mistreated and abused. Noir sets out to the Gloam and convince them she is on their side.

Also is a nooday named Midi. He is jealous of longrays and hates Gloam, more so because of the rumors he has heard and feels they are dangerous [[this idea is taken from LilacAmy11]]

Finally I'll try and create a situation where both Midi and Noir meet and why. Hopefully from there I'll have more inormation to work on from both new and older shadow ideas. Thanks for reading!