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I know the Gloam are misunderstood and not evil, but I feel like their outsider status would lend itself to a few colorful misconceptions about their shadowy status on the edge of society...

When the moon comes out and the sun goes home
Out of the Shadowland rise the Gloam
Drawn to you from whence they roam
Out of the Shadowland rise the Gloam…

When midnight falls and you’re out at night
Cast behind you, out of sight
Barely there and awfully slight
Not worth much without the light…

First you hear a noise behind
Soft and scratching, ill-defined
Now you’re frightened and resigned
Turn around- what do you find?

Gloam are with you all around!
Shadows from the Otherground!
Looking back, they all surround
And your heart begins to pound…

No, your eyes do not deceive you
Stark and ghastly, they won’t...

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