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bonnie button
moonbug Released Jan 24, 2011

Bonnie Button, daughter of Pearl is about eight years old as we begin to tell our central story. There are many characters who struggle with the issue of when to speak and when to keep silent. Sparrow begins to mistrust his own judgment, most notably after he makes a decision in battle that results in Stash’s plane being fired upon on and crashing, Sasha has kept her feelings toward Ned to herself (though everyone knows her secret) and Charlotte has spent a good deal of her life keeping her thoughts to herself, but Bonnie does not have this problem. Bonnie loves to learn and loves to share what she knows with everyone she meets. An independent girl, she often wanders off on her own going where she wants, when she wants. Some of the town folk think it shameful that she spends so much time unsupervised worrying for her safety or what she might be exposed to, but the fact of the matter is she is simply cut from the same cloth as her mother and her grandmother Maggie, who wouldn’t dream of trying to make her fit the mold that some of these town folk would like her conform to.


As Bonnie heads off on one of her outings her grandmother often gives her a tart or some kind of treat to give to one of the people she is likely to visit, such as Mrs. Hock who lives alone and doesn’t often get out of the house, or Mr. Wolfe who spend much of his time tinkering with his little inventions in the back of his clock shop. Often times, when she leaves a Pamagotchi tart with Mrs. Hock, she will be given a couple cookies which she will share with Mr. Wolfe who will give her a trinket of some...

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