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(Inspired by Metaphorest's awesome short, titled, "Shadow People") :)

The Shadow of a man named Dave was having a ball, hanging out with friends, making prank calls, riding up and down escalators, he wanted the night to never be over, but once the sun began to rise, he had to rush back to find Dave, and become his shadow once again, but he was lost, and couldn't find Dave, he was in Mexico, Dave lived in New Jersey, and the Shadow didn't know how to get back, as the sun rised, the Shadow panicked, "Dave! Where are you?!" The sun had now rose. The Shadow remained still; he couldn't move at all. He gazed up to find himself shadowing a lonely cactus in the hot desert. That morning Dave stepped outside, and gasped as nothing appeared on the sidewalk beside him. "My shadow is gone!"

 Will the Shadow ever return home? Does his demise rest in the hands of a lonely prickly cactus? The Shadow will have to wait unil nightfall again. To try to find Dave and reunite with his owner. Tune in next time to find out what happens. In "The Adventures of the Shadow People!"

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