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1. "Pelican/t", by Metaphorest.

This RECord is a drawing of what a pelican can do, and what and pelican can't do. Metaphorest encourages illustrators to cooperate.


2. "MUSIC", by thesherbethead (what a delicious username).

This album is great for hitRECorders who need to be inspired. They can listen to this album while drawing, or they can use one of the songs for a video. OR, they can even cover one! My personal favorite is "Boardsy" (

Copy and paste this link for inspiration now:

3. "storyboard (kind of)", by L.A.

Ella has this beautiful vision in her head, and shared it to us in this short clip that she made. It's a storyboard ("kind of") for a commercial for all our tiny stories! I can perfectly imagine it. We must start working on this. Especially people who are good with after effects.

Now go add this link in your bookmark folder:

4. "Ghosts - Tiny Story (low-rez)", by TanjaTHEAwesome.

I joined hitRECord in 2009, and the first two hitRECorders that I fell in love with were GimikJo and TanjaTHEAwesome. This RECord reminded me once again how awesome TanjaTHEAwesome really is. Only people as awesome as Tanja get to use the word "awesome" in their username.

Go here to see what I'm talking about:

5. "TIny Story -- Cherry on Top", by Nicolels.

I found this a LONG time ago, it was my first favorite tiny story.

Give it some love:

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