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The first time Ryan enters a house that is not his, he is far from impressed. The house is not bare, Ryan knows, but there is just something about it that Ryan does not like. It is cold, with all sharp angles and straight lines, he decides, and resolutely does not like it. Ryan is nothing if not the polite gentleman that his mother painstakingly brought up, however, and he shakes the owner's hand politely and exchanges pleasantries, eyes never straying from the business that brought him here in the first place.

When he leaves, he does not look back, and promptly forgets that the house once knew his presence.


'Drew,' Drew shouts at Ryan when he first greets him, thrusting a grubby hand in his direction. Ryan deeply grimaces insides, but smiles an obliged smile and grasps Drew's...

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The Perfect House
naivecrimson Released Jan 17, 2011