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Chairless & Staging Without Coffee: ђ




The coffee sits

dry and naked


because I waste

the privilege to regard


and car accidents

are possible

not because I’m tired

but because

they’re beautiful


I’ve been driving all night

passing state lines

and forgetting

to write and send

thank you letters

to billboards that keep

this house of a country


and I’m ignoring

the political stance

of exit signs

that broadcast

want and sex traffic

as porn

that all good citizens sit chairless

and masturbate about



but I guess its something

I’d rather not sit

Sip coffee

and nonetheless

possibly talk about

-never mind

-I take that back

I don’t have to guess

I know


I’m out of coffee


I’m exiting this

sex trafficked highway

aroused by car crashes

and making a stop at

a gas station

and I’m admiring

the parfum the gas station wears tonight

I’m guessing

that its desperate

and she can talk “pretty” all she wants

and you can say

that commerciality

is implied

-but I’m just here for gas

“What a slut”


pretty words

don’t mean a thing

even if your

a prostitute


“one lotto ticket, please”

“and one cup of coffee”

“no, no crème or sugar”

“just black”

“keep the change”

and I’m walking out

I’m done with this whorehouse


in my truck now

radio’s on

and its political

like a shitstorm

and I’m starving

to calm the hell down

because guns and prejudice

are bandwagon and sexually arouses

-it rapes my attention



radio’s off

and the rapist

-used a condom

and my thoughts


but my attention

wears a rape stain

-like shotgun weddings

-the bride wearing anything

but white


its been a long day

and the sky begins to burn

a republican red

this morning


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