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Monitors on Fire (low res)
iamcharlie Released Jan 05, 2011

I decided to have a little fun with Matt's monitor picture. Didn't come out exactly how I wanted but, it's ok. You can use it for whatever you want. It'd be nice to remix it, I think. Couple of stuff you could do with it. 

If I'm missing any resource, let me know.

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  • Lizsmallsrerecs
    COOL! :D
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Only_amy-1390428
    That was awesome!:)
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Portrait
    Dude, it's like a REC Room circa 1985 or so. You know, when people still had tube TVs and floppy disks.
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Image
    This is great!! Well done!
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Portrait
    I love it, great job!
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Hitrecord
    This is really awesome , great work!
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Pictue
    wow, amazing job!!! :)
    Jan 05, 2011
  • Todd
    congratulations iamcharlie! You're featured!
    Jan 05, 2011
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