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Forever For You
reneg88 Released Jan 04, 2011

A little song of mine. From me to all of you. Feel free to REuse and REmix.

Woke up to meet you

and i found you were gone

vanished from the corners 

of my troubled mind

i do know where you're going

but i don't know for how long

Yet everyone knows I'll wait

Forever for you


I'm trying not to worry 

but I find I'm more afraid

since if you're trapped inside 

the timeline you'll be left behind.

Cause see a river tells the story

but the current leads the way

Yet everyone knows I'll wait

Forever for you


For you i'll bring the stars down

Make them shine right before your eyes

Talk to the moon to keep us waiting

Watching the sunrise by your side

For you i'll spread the oceans

Make you a stairway to the sky

Cause in my dreams you'll never need

Another by your side

And everyone knows I'll wait forever for you.


Years may pass me by

and i will stay here i will try

to do exactly as you told me to

to hold my head up high

as i watch the hours fly

and i wait to be with you