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Row-a-bye Baby
RichieMillennium Released Jan 02, 2011

After reading and re-reading mushr's "& If This is But a Dream" RECord I was inspired - mushr's RECords often have that effect on me.  I wanted to take the nursery rhymes that came to mind while reading her text and weave them into her text to see what the result would be.  It brought so many images to mind, I couldn't resist RECording it as best I could.


And if this is but a dream

Bury me headfirst beneath my pillow  

Let my mind rest on this bough 

My heart is cradled in an egg shell  

Nesting eternally in the tree tops  

Wishing the whimpering world awash

And when there’s nothing left but sky  

The wind will blow me a kiss goodbye

The cradle will rock onto the falls  

And ferry me gently down the stream

On the first and brightest star

The child alights and dares to wish

The world into existence.

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