The second version in the saga of the "They Can't Turn the Lights Off" REmix...

So... what's different in V2 you ask? Lots.

In addition to some new cuts throughout the first two acts, the two choruses at the end are packed full of historical icons of change. Rather than wrap up the RECord with just the animation (like in V1) there is lots of back-and-forth between the animation and Public Domain footage.

My personal favorite addition is the overlay of the Sundance singalong footage over the end titles. Such a great series of moments from earlier in the year.

Well... the end is drawing near on this REmix so please chime in on with REmarks for your feelings on this. Your input will help craft the final version!

Thanks again to everyone contributing to the two collabs on this. An extra thanks is in order for gweninterrupted for all of her devotion to this project. She's located a ton of great Public Domain footage and has been so helpful in organizing all of the RECords categorically and drawing attention to certain footage.


Additional P.D. footage: