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Animated Pylons: REmix
MattConley Released Dec 28, 2010
Marielv's latest animation is truly cinematic. Her visualization of the atmosphere wirrow created in just a few lines is both eerie and hopeful. She's created Planet of the Pylons.

For this REmix I changed up the voiceover to Stuart's (it's tough to use Rian's reading without including the applause from the SITC crowd) and I went with a different score. Perhaps it adds sadness at first, but I like the rise in the tone when the book pages dissolve in. I'm hoping people find that this REmix exits tonally on a positive note.

There's a few changes to the video in this version: I de-saturated the animated sequence and I adjusted the dissolve to white from the snow at the beginning to be one continuous transition. Additionally there is the page-turning animation at the end.

Marielv kicks ass, eh?! <3

Note: This is low-res. I just wanted to upload something small so it would encode.
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