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The Author, Her Story

In the third grade she did a book report on Number of the Stars. While other kids were making shoe box dioramas and glue stick posters, she wrote a page-long poem about the heroine's beating heart in the rocking boat in the dark night hiding from the shadow-clad Nazis. She got an A and a sticker and her mother hung it on the fridge.
At Beth Shalom Synagogue, the sixth graders put on a fundraiser play every Mitzvah Day with varying degrees of success. Though her brother, two years her senior, had put in the minimum amount of time selling intermission concessions, Hannah played an impressive Mrs. Frank in a cut-to-PG rendition of The Diary of Anne Frank. She read the book cover to cover even though her brother, who had read it in his seventh grade English class, warned...
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The Author, Her Story (V. 2)
keatsara Released Dec 11, 2010