Silk painting is a lovely visual/tactile medium. Certainly there's a need for textiles and tangibles for the sTiTchToWn project. If anyone is interested, I could put together several additional panels--hangings that can float from the ceiling around a room (flying vehicles, landscapes, skyscapes, even simple color washes) to give an exhibition some ambiance. I can use different weights of silk in any number of shapes and sizes. I can even find clothing blanks--scarves and shawls, silk shirts and ties, etc.--that can be dyed and decorated, if there were ever a stage play or party. (I can't sew, but I'm willing to bet there's a HitRECorder or two who can!)

Thanks for the inspiration, Moonbug and Neithan, et al.!
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    This is such a neat idea, and silk painting seems like the perfect fit for a tangible version of the image. i'm truly honoured that you felt inspired by something i had a part in. :)

    Can't wait to see this finished! It's already looking beautiful <3
    Dec 02, 2010
    by Neithan
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    Thank you Neithan--and all who RECommended this! A double bonus for a fun project.

    Neithan, I'm CRAZY about your artwork for sTiTchToWn, especially the character visuals. I keep imagining that this is going to become a musical and yours are the designs that help the costumers and props folk develop the look and feel of the play.

    In a parallel universe, I went to CalARTS in L.A. and am now working in character development for a large animation studio, surrounded by creative, exciting co-artists. In this universe, however, I teach geography to community college students (which feeds my other passion--getting up on a soapbox.) I think HitRECord is doing exactly what it was designed to do: allow creative people everywhere a chance to collaborate and connect on a grand scale, regardless of the paths which their here-and-now lives have followed.

    Here's to you--and ALL of us!!!

    Dec 02, 2010
  • Mushroom
    It took me a second to realise what this was. And my first thought when I realised was oh, wow. This looks interesting. Can't wait to see the final result~
    Dec 02, 2010
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