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I'm having trouble coming up with RECords as of late, mainly due to my internet situation at home, so I'm seeking assistance in a project I want to start that doesn't involve anything other than lots of hours in Photoshop.

Five years ago, I used to do digital art, more specifically vectors. I was rusty, but my work did get some eyes on it here recently in the hitRECord tiny chat and I was encouraged to do more.

An example of my previous work, that I can't post on hitRECord due to copyright laws can be found here:

Essentially what I'm looking for are high quality photos of various people. They need to meet the following specifications:

* The higher the resolution the better: It's hard for me to vector images that are small or what most people would consider normal sized.

* It has to be high quality: This is so I can get proper coloring, lines, etc. Try to pick images with little to no grain, lens flare, sun glare etc.

* Needs to be color: I've never vectored black and white, but I may try that at a different time.

Those are the main things I can remember right now. It sounds horribly picky, but I'm just compensating for my rusty talents at this point.

If you'd like to send me your picture, please email it to or if it's on hitRECord already, please link me in the REmarks. I'll let you know if it's an okay image straight away. :)

Thanks so much for helping out.

♥, M