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Seeing as this is my 100th RECord, I thought I'd share my baby. It's my favorite thing I've ever written. Because I am that bank teller and this was written in one sitting even though I've edited it a bunch since then. The original idea was sparked by a dream that I had. I'd love to know what you guys think. I'd love for someone to help me come up with a good title. Maybe draw the characters or act them out or anything your creative thoughts inspire. I did just want to add a disclaimer here that in no way, shape or form do I believe there's been any stalking going on in this story. Thanks again!


It didn't seem probable for an accidental brush of the hand to be capable of capturing someone’s soul. The idea was downright ridiculous, but that’s what happened - all truth, no lies.

She worked in a bank. She worked the teller line. All day long she took money in and gave money back out. It was a system of checks and balances that got old fast and yet was too busy to become boring. It was six long years of doing that job. Of making small talk with her co-workers as they went through the arduous process of opening and closing the bank. Of taking a lunch that was never long enough to get anything done. Of being grateful for bank holidays just so she could sleep in. Of knowing too intimately exactly what money smelt like, felt like, and having her wrists and thumbs feel the effects of it.

Banks are exactly what they look like. They’re cold, sterile, pretentious, and secretive; and, sometimes it seemed like those very qualities were seeping...

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