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This is HitRECord
teafaerie Released Jan 19, 2010
dan and the Teafaerie's HitRECord Manifesto.


This is HitRECord. It's an experiment. It's an art movement. It's a revolutionary idea that's changing the way people think about media. This is HitRECord. It's a thriving community, it's a fun game, and it's a whole new way of doing business. This is HitRECord. It's a broad vision, a fresh model, a necessary catalyst, and an unprecedented opportunity.

This is HitRECord. It's a new kind of production company for the 21st Century. It's a hybrid that crowdsources creativity, harnessing the energies of thousands of talented amateurs and blending them with the experience and expertise of seasoned professional artists. It gives the emergent vibrant viral new media savvy internet culture access to the classic advantages of old media success. When you contribute an original RECord to HitRECord, you don't give up any rights to your work. You simply agree to share it, and to allow your fellow HitRECorders to integrate it into yet other RECords which will then, in turn, be put back up on HitRECord and shared all over again. Founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt brings order to this sea of creative chaos by functioning as it's director; focusing attention and effort on promising collaborations and helping to develop them into finely honed works of art. Whenever a RECord that Joe chooses to promote proves remunerative, HitRECord splits the profits 50/50 with everybody who contributed the final RECord, dividing the spoils according to the amount of effort each individual collaborator has...
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