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When is it time to put the camera down and be present to the moment?

I mean to ask this as an open question, not a rhetorical one. And it's not an either/or. It's the sort of background reflection that might be useful to inform our creative technique.

Sometimes, I personally notice things better (or at least differently) when I'm looking through a viewfinde— er, I mean, looking at a view screen. (Whew! I'm dating myself...) Other times, trying to capture a moment can distract you, even remove you from the moment itself.

What are your experiences with this? Is there a generation gap involved? Have you ever forced yourself to forego taking pictures in order to be present to others around you?

In a way, this may be more about personal electronics than about means of art-making. Is breaking out...
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This raises a question...
sfdetroiter Released Nov 22, 2010
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