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driveonwheels Released Nov 10, 2010
Since I was a little girl I've always thought there was a meaning behind everything. For example: I was born on 02/14/1984. Every year I'd think that Valentines day was a day dedicated to me. Little did I know I then realized it was just another man-made holiday. So every time v-day came around I'd look at everyone's faces and saw how in LOVE they were and how passionate they were to express themselves that particular day. Shattered by the thought of it being a celebration of my birth I decided to make up a holiday of my own. This holiday would be something that would symbolize who I am.

But.. I wanted this holiday to be different than the rest. Something that represented me, after all this is MY holiday. In lieu of traditional, once in a year, holidays MY HOLIDAY is a DAILY HOLIDAY. My holiday was 11:11.


Every every time I'd see the clock dial read: 11: 11 I'd say that someone out in the world that LOVED me was thinking of ME. <3
Steph Zelaya
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