sTiTchTown: Back to School
Neithan Released ago
For some reason i wanted to draw some of the cast as kids. Pearl's waving garlic in Ned's face because she thought he was a vampire. Pearl is so good at logic. i'm sure it made a great story later, though: -

Pearl: When I was in school, I thought one of my classmates was a vampire!
Random Kid: :O!! Were they?
Pearl: Unfortunately, no.
Ned: /Un/fortunately?
Pearl: *shrugs* I thought it would be neat to be able to turn into a bat and fly around.
Ned: ... *gives Pearl a “You are so. Weird.” look*
Kid: So what happened?
Pearl: He grew up to be the mayor.
Kid: ...
Ned: ...
Pearl: In my defence, you were very pale.
Ned: I was /anaemic/.
Pearl: So are vampires.
Ned: ...........
Pearl: --But don’t fret, I know you are not one now, so I won’t try to stake your heart, behead you, and burn your body while you’re asleep, or anything.
Ned: .....................
Pearl: You have no sense of humour.

...aaand i just noticed Pearl's hand is completely the wrong way around because i forgot to redraw it. Argh.
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