this beautiful assemblage by via will be used in our story.

it belongs to Sarah Commongood and hangs on the wall of the modest home they purchased in the town of NEVERNOTWUZ. this is where they will be living for the duration of 'the project'.

the wall paper then will be the wallpaper in the house, the colors will be its color scheme (in contrast to the bright colors of Nevernotwuz) - yes they have money and modern (steampunk!) appliances but Mr. Commongood is not planning to stay so he found a modest house for them to live in during their time there. (he's a bit of a cheapskate if you ask me!)

use this also for the range of colors for Sarah's wardrobe. she pulls a dress from her closet in the first scene of 'ghost story' - there are nice cream colors here in the feather and clock face - also she may wear those pink beads as earrings, other jewelry etc.
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