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A New Daze
Day Glo Released Oct 31, 2010
The the the the the run! Of the litter!
Never fall never tall always more ever scorned but forever torn
and left broken bleeding sighing sleeping on the train tracks at night
where the end of the world sings in the distance with the homeless heroes and villains
who saw the future in the bottle's broken glass,
and pierced their flesh with nothing more than God's grace,
who flew over streetlamps at night and cried for their brethren living in comfort beneath the sorrowed moon and stars.
What could possibly go wrong, now that Christ swims in their blood?
The smoke clouds their eyes and they cough
and wipe the spit and emphysemic tar from the palms of their hands
clouding over a full moon like spots of cancer on an x-ray
Former beauty lost now in feathers and cotton
hand-picked by a dozen somethings with nameless fury and absent-minded sickness
careful careless coughing still with phlegm clinging to the back of their throats
sure footed mountain goats climbing slopes, groping for handholds and handhelds
a shaking camera
"This is the truth of the matter, beyond dispute, hear now the voice of honesty."

But a sudden gust and off they go go go blown away, a leaf on the wind sinned cleaned cleansed fenced off black make-up goth, drawn to the light.
Mock it, kiss it, punch it, kick it, scream scream scream scream scream until your lungs give out.
Until the words form themselves and a new language of rage and betrayal speaks unbidden in the mouths of all people,
a tongue that wriggles and seethes alongside your birthtongue and strangles it, withers it,
tears it from its...
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