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Amy submitted this great video for Pamela's Got a Minute? RECord and I'm wanting to REmix it... but I need YOUR help!

There's 33 statements in Pamela's RECord (not including the bottom portion) so it would be awesome to get as many people as possible reading each action, then edit them all together into one track to add to the existing video.

So here's what I need from you and your amazing voice... go take a look at Pamela's RECord, RECord yourself reading it all the way through. Try not to go too fast or too slow. Just a normal pace with normal pauses for punctuation is splendid.

If you can post it up in the Vote Video 2010 Collaboration with a label like Got A Minute To Vote? Reading, that would be awesome. I'll collect them all up sometime this weekend and string them together.

Again, as many people as possible is the key here, so please don't be shy!
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