by rejjie
  • Anybarra83-1586784
    Thank you Rejjie. To be honest I am still extremely nervous about sharing it, but I need to find the strength and courage to continue to voice my concerns about the matter. It is still an issue I deal with to this day. People just do not get it...

    Also, I am still taken back by all the comments that were left on that piece. Although, it is such a serious matter, it truly makes me feel so happy inside that you and others had enough courage to open up and let your voices be heard about the same issue. Well "happy" may not be the correct descriptive word to use, but I cannot think of the word that would express how it makes me feel (hopefully that makes sense and you understand what I am trying to say) :)

    Thank you for the continued support. Much love!!
  • Self_portrait_round
    Thanks for the hearts!
    And your patterns are all so beautifully put together.
  • Metal_pou-1565020
    Thanks for the suggestion ! :-)
  • Ms.%20red
    Thank you very much! :) I truly appreciate your feedback. The dad was my favorite character to write for; he just held nothing back. :P Thank you for giving me this challenge! <3
  • Iluminar-1518200
    Hey Rejjie! I just saw the result from your challenge to Rosella... WOnderful! Thank you so much for finding an outlet for the monster-madness :)
  • Iluminar-1518200
    Haha! Thank you ma'am! I have to finish getting him strung, figure out a better lighting rig and then i can shoot video. :)
  • Ms.%20red
    Indeed, I am. I'm taking challenges all year. :) I accept your challenge.
  • Iluminar-1518200
    Thanks Rejjie! :)
    Not sure if you saw this... But I figured I'd let you know seeing as how you were soooooooo supportive of the previous monster projects :)
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